Music Lessons

Sustained Music School exists to expose more people to the joy of learning & playing music with instruction for all ages and levels, from beginning to advanced.

girl playing violin

How does taking music lessons benefit children?

Music lessons benefit kids in a number of amazing tangible and intangible ways! Learning an instrument, to sing, and to read music:

Requires both sides of the brain and three out of the five senses all at once

Teaches the discipline of practice and the rewards of diligence

Sparks joy

Brings families together and adorns our gatherings, holidays, celebrations and day-to-day

Connects us to our past and teaches us about history

It is a tactile, organic activity that can be an endlessly profitable creative exploration

Is for everybody, not just musicians!

adult guitar lesson

Why would an adult take music lessons?

It truly is never too late! Whether for yourself or others, it feels good to pick up an instrument and play. Did you play in childhood? Starting from scratch? We will gladly help your reach your musical goals, whether modest or ambitious. Playing music:

Stimulates almost every area of the brain, especially those associated with memory

Can be a great mental break from the cares of your day job

Helps reduce stress by releasing dopamine, a chemical responsible for a number of positive benefits to the body like increasing mental focus and improving sleep patterns

Is one of the oldest and most common social practices of people, bringing both families and strangers together

Sparks joy for both players and listeners, connecting us with the order and harmony it brings to life

Is for everybody, not just musicians!